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Maintaining your HVAC is crucial in keeping your family healthy. Dust, pet dander and fur builds up over the years in your system. This can cause blockages, meld dew or mold.



Methods We Use To Air Duct Clean

  1. Rotary Vacuum Brushing: This method is when a spinning brush is used to scrub off debris and dust from the air vent. Subsequently, a vacuum is used to capture the debris that comes from what is scrubbed off. This is what we use at Sam Peters heating and air.
  2. High pressure air washing machine: This method uses high pressured air that blows through all of the air ducts. A separate truck outside, that has a mounted industrial vacuum attached to the furnace and the air vents are covered to suck up all the debris and remnants that will be blown out. After the air vent is blown clear, a separate air wand is fed into the end of the hot and cold air supply line. All of the debris is fed backward into that vacuum.
Sam Peters Air duct cleaning professional in action
Inside of Big Air Ducts

Pros Of Air Duct Cleaning

A proper cleaning will help remove all of the buildup from over the years and increase proper air flow.

Keeping your cooling and heating system clean, reduces dust and other hazardous content from entering your home. Having a clean house along with clean air will smell better as well, which increase the quality of living.

If you are prone to allergies, a professional air duct cleaning company may be able to reduce the poor air quality causing you to sneeze and suffer from the dust buildup.

Mold and Mildew:
Mold spore can travel like wildfire if you aren’t on it right away. The mold spores can cause illnesses. A professional may be able to help reduce mold and mildew lounging in your air duct system.


Cons of Air Duct Cleaning

Cleaning your air duct system isn’t a cheap feat. It can cost anywhere from $400-$1000 depending on the task and home.

It’s a messy and time consuming job:
Aside from the cost, cleaning the air ducts can be a messy job, which will take up a good chunk of your day. If you have guests coming over that evening, you may want to think twice.

There’s no proof it prevents health problems:
However, increasing the quality of your air by removing the buildup can’t be bad for your health. While research hasn’t determined whether or not cleaning your air ducts will increase health, it should be done to improve air efficiency in your home.

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 Blokages, meld dew or mold in Air Ducts

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